Will we kill tens of thousands of wild horses?

The proposed federal budget cuts included selling tens of thousands of wild horses to slaughter without limit. A lot of work has been done, and instead of selling our wild horses outright  to slaughter, the budget now simply proposes to shoot tens of thousands of them. Language games are being played that all mean the same thing, tens of thousands of wild horses will die.
Massive movement is happening now to take over management of federal land resources, including stripping wild horse protections and oversight.
We continue to gather data and interact directly with Congress and media to expose the lies. Our federal “wild horse program” is a decades old system predicated on myth, not fact, and forwarded to appease profit driven interests. On our western public landscape is changing fast.
We need your help. Our opposition is well funded and well organized. If you can contribute your donation will be doubled through Saturday by a generous contributor.
TURN $20 INTO $40!  TURN $100 INTO $200!!  Through Saturday midnight, ALL DONATIONS TO OUR FIGHT FUND WILL BE DOUBLED! We are fighting for their lives.  Please help!


This Wednesday we are running a webinar to discuss pending votes on the Appropriations bills and other public land legislation. The session will begin at 6:30 pm, pacific time, and run about 1.5 hours with time set aside to address specific questions. The entire session should last no more than 2 hours. Contributions made to attend the webinar will also be doubled.
The image above, domestic livestock watching wild horses removed from the range forever, is going to become an increasingly common occurrence.
The current push has two objectives; killing wild horses and the private party take over one herd at a time.
The danger is real and the fight is NOW!

7 thoughts on “Will we kill tens of thousands of wild horses?

    • The ranching industry and the energy industry. Scumbags! I still have a tiny glimmer of hope that we won’t kill these magnificent animals for profits, but I can’t really trust that we won’t, especially nowadays. For more information from a trusted source an entire site devoted to the welfare of our American horses:


    • No I find this column had become despicable with gratuitous violence. Where are the references?? Where are the suggestions as to what to do?? All this idiot is doing is turning people off because the misery has no place to put the energy to make things better. What is wrong with yu people??? If yu want to motivate people, you are failing miserably. Goodbye.

      • Are you sure you are the same melindash who usually posts here? This comment is basically incoherent. Suggestions on what to do abound, and it is long past time to motivate. If anyone is living in such a bubble that they just now are becoming aware of this stuff, I don’t know what to say. Or if they think they think they can follow a series of ‘suggestions’ and that will magically fix the problem. The site I linked has been posting ‘suggestions’ on what to do for years! Good riddance.

  1. Don’t think for one second that this won’t happen. I emailed some congress people (dems) in WA state to not let a bill for horse slaughter houses pass and kind of received a tepid response. Government cuts definitely would include BLM adoption centers, not that those are so great, but at least some horses are let back on the range after the round ups and of course some never are rounded up at all. Most cattle/sheep ranchers despise wild mustangs and burros because they “compete” for forage with their precious livestock. What better time for them to get their way than under trump.

  2. Is anyone else having problems getting the webinar link to work on the site above?

    I guess the horses aren’t a resource. According to the ranchers they’re just taking up space that the ranchers could use to make more money raising cattle to kill. The land was given to those horses.

    I guess human beings will never rest until everything wild is used up, hunted, killed.

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