The Road To Hamburger Hell

Armory of the Revolution

Another compelling article by Armory editor and publisher Marcia Mueller

The Road to Hamburger Hell

by Marcia Mueller

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the latest critics calling on people to stop eating beef. DiCaprio is concerned primarily about the effects of cattle raising on climate change. Other critics focus on the health issues of fast foods, such as the danger of eating meat from animals given hormones and antibiotics.  Animal rights activists point to the cruelty involved in raising and killing animals for food. Deciding to quit eating beef is easy. Trying to stop the abuse of animals in agriculture and curtailing environmental destruction is harder and means fighting hamburger culture.

In his book “Animal Oppression & Human Violence,” David A. Nibert uses the expression “hamburger culture” to refer to the social, economic, and political network that oversees the use of animals as commodities. It includes ranchers, factory farms, slaughterhouses, restaurants…

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4 thoughts on “The Road To Hamburger Hell

  1. ..
    Would that I could live to see the “world” become vegan..

    Will have to be satisfied with “in my dreams”..

    How we as humans think we are superior is beyond me at my age…

    We think “eating” other humans is horrific..
    but other sentient beings?
    Hey, we are entitled..
    we are brainwashed..
    we are so filled with hubris and ignorance I’m surprised we don’t “implode”..

  2. If not completely vegan, I’d wish to see people to become much more concerned for and less cavalier and thoughtless about the welfare of animals taken for food, and stupid hamburgers. Of course, we’ve dumped homeless people, the mentally ill, and the substance addicted into the streets to fend for themselves, so we can’t expect miracles I guess.

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