Petition Update · Breaking News: Nosey the elephant is SAFE! ·


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Petition update
Breaking News: Nosey the elephant is SAFE!
CompassionWorks International

Nov 10, 2017 — Friends:

We are thrilled to share the amazing news that today an Alabama county took possession of Nosey through court order, and she is being transported to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee pending a future hearing to determine whether she will be permanently seized from the Liebel family.

This is of course an outstanding result and reason to be hopeful about Nosey’s future, though please be mindful that future legal challenges exist to ensure her permanent placement in sanctuary.

As CompassionWorks International learns more, or as there are actions you can take to support the seizure of Nosey, we will continue to update this petition.

Supporting Nosey and other elephants that continue to languish in cruel circus life takes a village!, and we thank you so much for…

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4 thoughts on “Petition Update · Breaking News: Nosey the elephant is SAFE! ·

  1. Is she going to the sanctuary now or will she have to wait for the future hearing against the Liebel family?? They should NEVER be allowed to continue this crap against any other creatures again.
    Shut them down.

  2. I agree, Renee. This poor, suffering girl should not have to wait one more day! The Elephant Sanctuary is waiting for her. I wonder if there is something more we can all do?? I joined the Elephant Sanctuary several years ago and am so proud that there is this wonderful place for abused elephants, who can shed their chains forever.

  3. I just read today that she is at the sanctuary in Tennessee. However if the sicko liebels win their
    custody battle, she could be returned to them. I can’t believe these monstrous fucks are going to trial over this elder elephant who is not remotely in any shape to be abused further They should be shut down immediately and all the animals they torture should go to sanctuaries.

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