Hunter Shoots Farmer Dead At Warabeba Community


A thirty- two-year-old farmer has been shot dead at Warabeba , a suburb of Ayensudo in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem Municipality of the Central region .

The father of two, Atta Panin, was allegedly shot dead by his friend Kofi Benya, who is a hunter when the farmer went to his house to demand a gun he had given him hunting for hunting expeditions.

The two had agreed to share the spoils from the hunting expedition but the accused is said to have failed to honour his part of the agreement as he kept all the proceeds to himself, a situation which didn’t go well with the deceased.

The action is said to have annoyed the deceased to go and retrieve his gun only to be shot from the rare by the accused when he was leaving to his house after collecting the said gun.

The accused is said to have entered his room to grab another gun which he used to shoot the farmer and afterward run away. 

The farmer was subsequently rushed to the Central regional hospital by some residents who heard the gunshot.

The youth of the town on hearing of the death of the farmer moved in to burn down the house of the accused and his known allies in the town .

The case has since been filed with the Elmina police who are on a manhunt for the accused.

Kofi Benya , is already in the bad books of the police for threatening the deceased sometime ago which led to him signing a bond of good behavior after apologising to the now deceased.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at the Central regional hospital for autopsy.

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