Hunters careless, inhumane

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Dear Editor,

Well, Taylor LaFlamme was right about one thing in her January 27 “Maine Voices” piece, “Actions of a select few unfairly portray hunters as careless, inhumane.” The one thing she was right about was that, “..everyone has their opinion,” and hers was consistent with the opinion piece’s misguided title. 

I’m not defending Maine drivers, but when comparing auto versus hunting accidents it’s only fair to consider how many vehicles are on the roads in a given year and how many hunters are in the woods during hunting season. Granted, there are times when it seems there are a lot of hunters out there, but so far there isn’t the need for speed limits or traffic lights to prevent a pileup.

Yes, everyone has the right to their opinion, but perhaps in light of some of the recent well publicized hunting accidents, opinions in defense of hunting are best kept to oneself.

The piece ends with the inarguable statement, “Hunting…is a way of meeting new people and making new memories.” The question is, why do those memories have to revolve around killing?

Jim Robertson

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting    

14 thoughts on “Hunters careless, inhumane

  1. Her last statement reminds me of the leftist slogan during the Vietnam war….join the army, travel to exotic places, meet interesting people, and kill them….a paraphrase from the film Full Metal Jacket.
    Hunting, a great way to meet new people and make new memories over the carcasses of dead wildlife…..
    Anyhow, glad you responded, Jim.

  2. ““Hunting…is a way of meeting new people and making new memories.””
    Ah, really?
    What kind of people and memories can be made by suffering animals, blood, cries… what kind of example for the own family and children, for the society…
    Wowww, it makes my skin ripple.
    She got to be very insightful and with a huge IQ…
    Awfully wrong! No wonder the planet is going towards self annihilation, with people who believe in these absurdities.
    Let’s pray for a better 2018 :-)claudine

  3. I didn’t read the article. I could tell from the title that it would enrage me. Only a FEW hunters are inhumane? How does the author figure that, when it’s the very nature of the act? I also get the impression that deer deaths by auto accident were compared to deer deaths by hunting. I don’t know about others, but I get in a car to go from point A to point B, and hope (and am careful) not to hit anyone on the way. Whereas the very reason for hunters to be out there is to cause fear, pain, and death. I also saw a statistic once about how more deer are hit by cars during hunting season, because they are panicked, and run blindly to save their lives. Maybe it’s time to consider the intent behind the deaths. Accident? Or bloodthirsty psychopathy?

  4. Why not meet new friends by going wildlife watching and shoot only pictures ?
    It’s the killing part that kills the 94% of us that don’t like hunting !

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