Horse Killed on “Frozen” Parx Track

Horseracing Wrongs

Here’s how much Racing cares: With the Northeast mired in a deep freeze for much of the past week-plus, the wits at Parx (near Philly) decided to run races anyway yesterday. In the first, with the track condition listed on Equibase as “frozen,” 6-year-old Lust for Money, an apt name if ever there was one, “went wrong and fell completing a half mile – then was euthanized.” Killed on the ice. Only then, after one of its “athletes” had unnecessarily been destroyed, did Parx cancel for the day.

Oh how they care.

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4 thoughts on “Horse Killed on “Frozen” Parx Track

  1. Horse racing is a cruelty circus, corruption pit, and death camp for racehorses.
    This legitimized animal abuse, and cruelty is conducted under the guise of fancy hats, mint juleps, and “entertainment/sport banner.”
    Racehorses are beaten mercilessly in the stretch while they are, most likely, tired and/or sore.
    This is a romanesque gladiator-style blood bath whose time needs to end.

  2. If they have anything at all to do with racing, they don’t care about the animal. Every horse is as good as his/her last win.

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