Boycott the film “Trophy”

Resharing our message below regarding the film Trophy, which we urge you not to watch.

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CompassionWorks International

Tomorrow, CNN broadcasts the film “Trophy”, a pro-trophy hunting film.

The film was initially presented to CWI as a balanced look at trophy hunting. For that reason, we gave an interview for the film. Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc appears in Trophy, as one of only two primary dissenting voices against trophy hunting.

When we saw the completed film last fall, we were horrified. As it turns out, the films director manipulated and used an anti-trophy hunting protest we held in Las Vegas to their own ends and put a trophy hunter amongst our protesters to provoke response.

Trophy attempts, poorly, to make trophy hunters seem like sympathetic figures, instead of the killers they are.

While we are unhappy to be featured in a pro-trophy hunting film, we are glad to be a voice for the animals.

We encourage you to contact CNN and express your disgust that they would show a pro-trophy hunting film.

We also encourage you, particularly if you are a sensitive viewer, to opt NOT to watch Trophy. There are numerous instances of the brutal killing of animals, including an elephant, by trophy hunters.

Thank you for speaking out against evil trophy hunting.

13 thoughts on “Boycott the film “Trophy”

  1. It’s inaccurate to describe this as a pro-hunting film.I attended the screening with the filmmakers at Sundance Film Festival last year and again at Mountainfilm 2017. Trophy is NOT a film that endorses trophy hunting. It’s an attempt to understand the attraction of trophy hunting and the complex political, social, and economic systems that keep it sustained. It’s a disturbing film to watch, for sure, but boycotting it out of ignorance and misdirected outrage is not going to save the lives of any animals.

    • …meanwhile watching the disturbing show is not going to save any animals either (unless you’ve never thought about how wrong trophy hunting is and seeing it up close on the screen suddenly inspires action against it).

  2. Saw one documentary on trophy hunting in Zimbabwe on CNN.– Horrific. — Will contact CNN to not show videos glorifying the killing of animals, because it’s a rich person’s thing.

  3. No matter how ‘trophy hunting’ is presented, I personally don’t need to know anything more about it. It’s a throw-back to colonialism, and that’s about it as a complex a social, political, and economic system. It’s sad that some countries have come to rely on it, and other do not, which is hopeful. But its fundamentals are in racism, colonialism and imperialism.

  4. I watched the horrible film somewhat glorifying and excusing Trophy hunting, hence was able to give CNN hell! Shame on them! Movie was biased and heartless!
    Any type of hunting is so so wrong! And some of their pretenses or excuses are so pitiful! Money and lies!

  5. If we did not have European colonialism, we would not have trophy hunting, end of. Not only was it hunting, but arrogant and greedy hunting, where animals were practically wiped out (tigers of Asia). The local people would probably have hunted for traditional medicines, like we see today, but with both trophy hunting and that, it puts a terrible strain on wildlife populations. Trophy hunting has created the economic reliance on it, and that should not be. Countries should not sell off their valuable wildlife and lands to foreign hunters. To say that the vicious circle this has created benefits wildlife populations is questionable.

  6. With CNN and other media outlets constantly talking about racism, I’m surprised they’re trying to put a positive spin on trophy hunting, a ‘sport’ whose basis is in racism.

    ♫Hey, Bungalow Bill, what did you kill, Bungalow Bill….♪♫

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