Winning Animal Rights: The Battle After the Victory

Armory of the Revolution

by Marcia Mueller

“Rights come before abolition of rights-violating practices, not after.” Rights of All Animals. David Cantor

“Our opposition must advance the total paradigm shift needed to reduce animal abuse by undermining the full range of animal-abusing policy, culture, and practice.” Animal Rights: Remedy to Trumpism, David Cantor. Responsible Policy for Animals.

“The Democratic Party is an engine of capitalism and the Biocaust.” Ibid.

Cantor’s excellent post and the Responsible Policy for Animals organization assert that the current paradigm of fighting animal abuse through welfare reform and promoting compassion and veganism needs to shift to a new paradigm of animal rights. That paradigm would give animals a “personhood status” that no longer keeps them subservient to human needs and give them freedom from property status, exploitation, and abuse.

But will conferring personhood on animals really given them the status and protection they need? Or will the success…

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3 thoughts on “Winning Animal Rights: The Battle After the Victory

  1. Good God. I can’t even imagine what goes on in these houses of horrors, or what kinds of people work there. *shudder* All I can think of is the shock National Enquirer reports from when I was a kid where they hired violent killers from prison!

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