Sea World Carnivale, A Dolphin’s Worst Nightmare!

Black Cove

Despite holding dolphins captive in its theme park facility for over 40 years, Sea World on the Gold Coast has recently signed up to participate in a World first study to determine the state of welfare of its cetaceans.
It beggars belief that Australia’s premiere marine theme park, along with every other captive dolphin facility across the world, has never actually conducted any robust scientific-based research into what conditions optimize good welfare of cetaceans in their entertainment facilities.

Biologging 2 new_0110 A bottlenose dolphin at Brookfield Zoo wears a biol-logging device to measure her activity levels and movement. IMG: Chicago Zoological Society

This World first multi Institutional study’s very first step is to “develop indicators of welfare,” yet Sea World claim they already know what those indicators are.

Trainers and staff at Sea World, during their talks and circus-like shows, regularly tell visitors to the park that the dolphins are like their family…

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