“Something is Askew Here”

Exposing the Big Game

The following is from Preface of the late Canadian naturalist, author and part-time misanthropist, John A. Livingston’s, book, Rouge Primate: “Having spent the greater part of a lifetime absorbed in the appreciation and the attempted understanding of living phenomena that are not human, while at the same time ceaselessly advocating their protection, preservation and ‘conservation,’ it was not easy to pause and evaluate the effectiveness—and logic—of that advocacy…But for my own peace of mind it needed doing. So in 1977 I did a critical analysis and wrote it up, then looked at what I had wrought for almost four years before publishing it. It was going to cost me, and it did.

“At the time of its publication, the American environmental teacher and essayist Joseph Meeker observed that my Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation appeared to be a book written in blood. It was indeed painful to have to acknowledge that…

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2 thoughts on ““Something is Askew Here”

  1. After reading the story about the South African lions, it said that there are fewer than 23,000 lions – is that in South Africa or the entire continent? I just was so dismayed. Their range used to extend almost to Europe too. How many useless sacks humans, almost 8 billion? Something definitely is askew.

    What a terrible tragedy, and so immoral if we let them go in favor of ourselves. 😡

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