South Sudan bans wildlife hunting

Source: Xinhua   2018-03-06 21:25:35

JUBA, March 6 (Xinhua) — South Sudan on Tuesday banned all forms of wildlife hunting, including commercial trade in wildlife trophies, the country’s conservation agency said Tuesday.

The ministry of wildlife conservation and tourism banned wildlife products such as skin, meat, fur, bird feathers, among others.

According to the directive, any person caught dealing with wildlife products shall be arrested, prosecuted and those found guilty would face a two-year jailed term or fines.

Thomas Sebit, deputy spokesman of the ministry of wildlife conservation and tourism, told Xinhua that the ban seeks to clamp down on poaching of wild animals in the country’s national parks.

He said the government recently noticed increased poaching of gazelles, buffaloes and elephants by armed groups and civilians across the country.

“There are people who are holding guns, they go to the national parks and kill our animals randomly not discriminating whether old or young. You get cooked bush meat in hotels and being sold in markets openly,” Sebit said.

War-torn South Sudan has the world’s second largest animal migration and is considered a good place for ecotourism, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

The East African country is also known for its vast swamp region of the Sudd, sometimes referred to as one of the largest wetlands in the world hosting about 400 species of birds.

However, the tourism industry made up only 1.8 percent of South Sudan’s GDP, WTTC said in 2013.

“We are urging our citizens to respect the law. These are animals for us and will help us in the future when well managed to boost our economy,” Sebit appealed.

8 thoughts on “South Sudan bans wildlife hunting

  1. Oh, thank goodness! You’ve really got to wonder, if trophy hunting is so beneficial to conservation of species, why so many of our iconic species are in such dramatic decline. Thank you, Sudan!

  2. Speaking of trophy hunting, more on the reversal of hunting elephants and lions. I’m dismayed at the President’s about face, and I attributed it to being derailed by the Wayne Pacelle accusations(thanks a lot, Washington Post, for nuthin’). But according to the new acting President Kitty Block:

    “Now, a second SCI member is in the news for greenlighting the trophy animal importation policies that led to Palmer’s wanton killing of Cecil in the first place. But that member, Greg Sheehan, also happens to be principal deputy director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which makes him more dangerous to African wildlife than a thousand Walter Palmers. By signing the order that consigns countless imperiled African animals to death by trophy hunting, Sheehan’s made a mess of America’s global wildlife policy. And he’s done it all in defiance of the president of the United States.”

    From “Something’s Rotten at the US Fish and Wildlife Service” from the HSUS:

  3. I’m not going to stop supporting the HSUS, and I should give them a big fat donation too – and also one to Wolf Patrol. I’ve wondered if the big hunting groups were behind defaming Wayne Pacelle by the tired, sorry, tried and true method of late.

  4. It’s hard to believe the blatant conflicts of interest and corruption have not been challenged with this Sheehan guy, and Zinke. This administration’s Interior Dept. operates like old-school cronyism.

    Why can’t the Washington Post dig up some sex scandals on these guys? No such luck.

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