Man charged after dog found in hunting trap near Troutman

A hunter was charged with animal cruelty last week after authorities said they found a dog caught in a hunting trap near Troutman for what appeared to have been several days.

4 thoughts on “Man charged after dog found in hunting trap near Troutman

  1. The Silent MajHunting is cruel, trapping is cruel. We must continue to speak out Against Hunting/Trapping which is an integral part of The Cycle of Violence in this country–why are so many people surprised that there are so many shootings, bombings, violent abuses going on? Hunting, promoted by the NRA is a direct cause. We sanction and /or ignore the influence that game agencies have in teaching young children to hunt with guns–these hunting programs are paid for by us. Oh, but hunting is ok, has nothing to do with all this violence?? And, don’t forget all the rationales for hunting, just as soon as hunting is discussed: “I feed my family…I’m an Ethical Hunter(whatever that means)…I just love to get out in Nature” (I do too, but I don’t kill any being, or carry a weapon of destruction.

    With all the discussions, letters to editor about this creeping violence across the country, we need to shout it out: It is about guns, the adoration of the Military Complex, Hunting, and the acceptance of such by most Americans, even those most of them don’t hunt. The Silent Majority must Not Remain Silent Any Longer!

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