Petition update · Puppy Doe Trial Verdict In! ·

Petition update · Puppy Doe Trial Verdict In! ·
Mar 26, 2018 — GUILTY on all 12 charges of animal cruelty!

Thank you for supporting this petition for the past 4 1/2 years. As you all know, the trial of the man accused of brutally torturing and starving “Puppy Doe” is underway in a Dedham, Massachusetts courtroom and just this very moment we have learned that a verdict was announced!

Radoslaw Czerkawski is GUILTY of ALL 12 charges of animal cruelty!

Through daily testimony, we’ve learned more horrific details and information about Puppy Doe’s injuries and how she found herself the victim of a Craigslist pet ad.

Czerkawski admitted to purchasing Puppy Doe from a Worcester Massachusetts couple after responding to their Craigslist ad selling a young small pit bull named Kiya. That couple, according to their testimony, previously purchased Kiya from her original owner also via a…

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1 thought on “Petition update · Puppy Doe Trial Verdict In! ·

  1. Poor baby. I only wish that someone had been able to give her a good home and help her back to good health. It broke my heart terribly when I read that she was still friendly after she was found so abused. I always give my furbaby an extra kiss and hug when I read about this awful abuse.

    At least the guy was punished for it. It’s hard to believe someone could be capable of it. I know his defense attorney tried to create doubt, but there is no way anyone could explain the splitting of this poor puppy’s tongue, like a serpent. It’s very cult sounding. I hope they deport his ass after he completes his sentence too – there’s no reason for him to be here, he’s not an ‘immigrant’, as I had read him referred to in one news article. He had simply overstayed his tourist visa – so it should be a very simple matter to deport him.

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