Petition: Pass ‘Scruffles Law’ So Animal Abusers Can Be Brought to Justice


12,000 GOAL
Scruffles the bull dog was a beloved part of a family, until his untimely death while being groomed at PetSmart. Now his family is attempting to pass a law in his name to be sure any future victims of such a crime can truly find justice.

Sign the petition to ask for a federal law that would consider pets more as family members and less like property in the event of harm or death.

Pets are hurt, tortued and killed all the time. Sometimes it’s negligence and sometimes it’s malice, but whenever a person is responsible for the suffering or death of a pet, they should be held responsible.

Right now, as in Scruffles’ case, there is very little a family can legally do to get justice or damages after someone harms their pet. Instead, pets are considered property. Which means that in the event of…

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