Petition: Don’t Let Police Officers Shoot Feral Cats!


by: Care2 Team
target: Mayor/Council – City of Jefferson, Iowa

45,000 GOAL
The police of Jefferson, Iowa shoot to kill. The target? Feral cats.

The cats are considered a pest in the city of 4,500. But the way they are going about trying to fix it is downright cruel.

According to city ordinance, residents can request a police-monitored cat trap which police officers can then collect. If a cat has been trapped and is deemed unadoptable, officers can shoot them on the spot.

At the moment, city police kill at least one cat per month!

Aside from being inhumane to shoot cats, the Jefferson’s “trap-and-kill” method of animal control is actually counterproductive. According to experts, shooting and killing the cats just opens up space for other feral cats to take their place. However, if the city implemented a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program, the existing colony would cease to breed…

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2 thoughts on “Petition: Don’t Let Police Officers Shoot Feral Cats!

  1. I have a hard time with feral cats because they do alot of damage to birds; I do believe in trapping and neutering, but until they die out, they will still wreak havoc on bird populations.

  2. The tragedy of all these so-called “animal problems” is that these are really “human-caused problems.” Perhaps if we spayed and neutered all humans, as well, our Earth would be in far better condition.

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