These New Yorkers have had it with plastic. So they’re getting very creative.

What happens when you blend politics and activism with bodega proprietors and artists? An environmental motion to stop plastic purse utilize.

Vote With Your Tote was launched by a pro bono team of creatives and environmental experts in New York City.

Their goal is to combat the city’s growing toxic waste problem by reducing the use of plastic bags. Each year, NYC residents use and discard approximately 10 billion single-use plastic grocery pouch, a whopping $12.5 million disposal expense .

“Plastic bags are just a terrible kind of garbage … it becomes litter on our streets and an eyesore, ” said Brad Lander, NYC council member and deputy leader for policy. ” People across racial and economic lines care about their neighborhood, and reducing toxic waste is meaningful to them . People who live in public housing love and care about their neighborhood, and that’s important for people to…

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