Jimmy Kimmel scoop: Donald Trump “hates baby bears”

Jimmy Kimmel scoop: Donald Trump “hates baby bears”


While we know that Donald Trump hates sharks, at least according to Stormy Daniels. Turns out the president also hates baby bears, at least according to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel’s realization came in the wake of news that the Interior Department is ending a ban on hunting hibernating bears and their cubs in their dens. The National Park Service, under Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, apparently has a problem with some of the current protections for black bears, “including cubs and sows with cubs,” that prevent hunters from “harvest practices” that include using bait to lure bears out, using lights to find hibernating animals, and using dogs to kill bear cubs.

The National Park Service now wants to roll back those pesky rules that stop people from killing baby bears for fun, according to a proposal, which was published in the Federal Register on Tuesday. Under the proposed changes, hunters will now be able to hunt black bears with dogs, use motorboats to shoot swimming caribou, and kill wolves and pups in their dens. According to Kimmel, it’s all part of Trump’s plan to make America great again—and get rid of those evil baby bears.

9 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel scoop: Donald Trump “hates baby bears”

  1. I don’t know if the fool hates them. I just think that like so many things, baby nears are under his radar.

    The new rules are repulsive. The regulations were set in place during the Obama administration and were challenged (naturally) by the Safari Club International.

    We hear how mother bears and babies can be hunted, including hibernating bears, according to one report. Wolves and cubs can be hunted during denning season.

    I also read the swimming caribou can be hunted even by motorboat.

    People can go to the Federal Register.gov and go to RIN 1024-AE38 and comment, hopefully speaking out forcefully against the reversal of the regulations.

    Any hunting is unsportsmanlike. But these hunts are just massacres.

  2. Delisting bears was actually started under the Obama administration, and please don’t forget that he was the one who delisted wolves not once, but twice, and the second time was the final blow. They would not list the wolverine nor the sage grouse under the Obama admnistration (no balls). Let’s not nominate Obama for sainthood.

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