Georgia Coyote ‘Challenge’

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The best available science shows that lethal removal of coyotes during spring-summer is most effective for reducing negative impacts from coyote predation on native wildlife, which is why this program is focused on March–August. To address concerns about coyotes, our agency is raising awareness that coyotes can be hunted and trapped year-round. The Coyote Challenge is part of this educational effort.


The winner of the May–June entries period will receive a Bergara B14 Hunter model rifle in either .243 Winchester or choice of the winner (subject to availability).

ACE Hardware Social Circle Location LogoB14 Rifle


  • Program period runs from March 1–August 31, 2018.
  • Three drawings during program period:
    • 1st week of May covering entries in March & April
    • 1st week of July covering entries in May & June
    • 1st week of September covering entries in July & August
  • Participants may submit up to 10 coyotes each drawing period and eligible coyotes must be killed within the…

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