Project Coyote Challenging the “Georgia Coyote Challenge”

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Challenging the “Georgia Coyote Challenge” ~ Camilla Fox Interviews Dr. Chris Mowry, Project Coyote Science Advisory Board Member and Co-Founder of the Atlanta Coyote Project

Camilla: You studied mammal social systems as a graduate student and now teach at Berry College, where you’ve conducted a range of coyote studies. Tell us about these studies, what you’ve learned, and what you are now teaching students about ecology and conservation.

Chris: One of my former students got me interested in coyotes in the early 2000s. Berry College is the largest contiguous college campus in the world. It sits on 26,000 acres of absolutely beautiful land. We have a student-operated dairy farm and we knew that coyote sightings were increasing on campus because the dairy students were seeing and hearing coyotes, although negative interactions were almost nonexistent. We started our studies with simple camera trapping and scat analysis to learn more about the…

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