Clan of the Cougar (and Wolf) Slayers

Exposing the Big Game

[Surprise, surprise, the White’s are at it again…]

A Young Girl’s Family Secret

11-year-old Shelby White grabbed headlines when she reportedly shot a cougar stalking her brother in rural Washington state. But there’s a bit more to the story—the White family actually has a long, bloody history of poaching endangered wolves and other wildlife

AUTHOR: Shane Dixon Kavanaugh  Mar 10, 2014
Shelby White’s shot was heard round the world. But her family’s cold-blooded past didn’t make it into the newspaper reports.

The 11-year-old girl captured hearts and headlines last week when she reportedly whipped out a rifle and bravely gunned down a cougar sneaking up behind her brother in rural Washington. It wasn’t the first time the White family has drummed up publicity for killing exotic animals.

The pint-size slayer comes from a clan of convicted poachers that slaughtered a pair of endangered gray wolves and tried to smuggle…

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