Dumbest Poachers Ever

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Dumb and Dumber

An Oregon poacher and his accomplice were arrested and subsequently charged after they attempted to enter an illegally taken trophy-class blacktail buck in a local grocery store’s big buck contest.

For starters, the numbskulls were unable to produce a valid deer tag to qualify for the contest, initially raising the suspicions of some folks at the Fox Grocery store near Beaver, Oregon. In addition, witnesses also noticed that the buck appeared to have been shot numerous times with a small-caliber firearm–a .22, to be exact.

Further proving that poachers aren’t rocket scientists, when his entry was disallowed, Michael Wert, 32, proudly posed for a photograph with the deer. The snapshot was enough to lead state police officers to a residence, where they arrested Wert and convicted felon Steven Klahn, 40, on multiple charges, including waste of…

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