The fight over Alaska’s hunting rules runs deeper than using doughnuts to bait bears

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“Most of the people who are against hunting of bears and wolves have never seen one in their life, and paint us as bloodthirsty killers,” one hunter said.
by Jon Schuppe /  / Updated 
Image: Tyler Freel

Tyler Freel demonstrates taking aim with his .300 Win Mag rifle at his home in Fairbanks, Alaska.Eric Engman / for NBC News

Some hunters in Alaska use bacon grease or doughnuts to bait bears.

Some use headlamps to find and shoot bears in their dens.

Some kill swimming caribou from motorboats.

These facts are undisputed.

But whether such rare, unconventional methods should be used — and who can tell Alaskans how they kill the animals they eat — is an entirely different matter.

A years-old conflict has pitted the state against the feds, conservationists against preservationists, and people who feed their families by stalking game in the wilderness against those who see certain types of…

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3 thoughts on “The fight over Alaska’s hunting rules runs deeper than using doughnuts to bait bears

  1. Say what you want about hunting, some things are just totally wrong. What kind of a person would defend killing a vulnerable bear cub or wolf pup in its den? Nobody. What kind of a man with any sense of decency or integrity would? None. These people make my skin crawl, and I hope the state of Alaska will draw the line somewhere and not be another embarrassment to the Nation like Utah, Wyoming and Idaho, and even Colorado. I never though Wyoming would surpass Idaho. Montana has surprised me by not taking part in a grizzly hunt, and seemingly supporting the reintroduction of bison out of Yellowstone.

  2. I would go further to say that it is *because* of people like this man that many have never seen a bear or wolf in their life, their selfish greed. The worst argument to use ever.

    Sure, indigenous people hunted, but not with the deliberate intent of eradicating a species – no bounties were given by leadership so that exterminators could kill as many as possible of wolves, bison, bear, passenger pigeon (that may have been just lack of awareness), etc.; the irrational beliefs that the colonists brought to this country, and their culture of land ownership.

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