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Posted: Jun 13, 2018 9:55 PM PDTUpdated: Jun 13, 2018 9:55 PM PDT

SELWAY BACKCOUNTRY – The body of one of the four missing bear hunters who vanished into the flood swollen Selway River last month has been recovered and identified.

22-year old Reese Rollins of Terrebonne, Oregon was one of four men who vanished when their SUV ran off a Forest Service road and into the river about 50-miles west of Darby on the Magruder Corridor Road.

Rollins’ stepsister tells the Idaho Statesman that Forest Service employees had found his body in the river late Tuesday about 45-miles downstream from where the accident happened on May 21st.

Three other men, 21-year old Koby Clark of Bozeman, and brothers Raymond and Jesse Ferrieri, both in their 20s from New York are still missing. The search had been called off after a few days by the Idaho County…

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  1. Shouldn’t the headline say “…Fished from River?” I hate when sportsmen are disrespected with common terminology. Also, the article should note that “the hunt” for the intrepid bear-killers has been “temporarily closed while biologists assess the hunter population.” No wonder hunting is a dying sport, what with all this disrespect.

  2. Now this really ought to be a crime, of reporting misinformation and/or incomplete information, or deliberately misleading information. In the previous article, one of the young men’s fathers (an unimpeachable source, I would think) says they heard wolves and set out to hunt them.

    Now in this article, the writer says ‘They left camp on the last day of their trip in the middle of the night after hearing wolves howling.’ It looks like the writer is trying to leave the impression that hearing howls caused them to get out of there fast and they had the accident because of it. Never let an opportunity go by to blame wolves, I guess. While it is an awful tragedy, these young adult men made the decision to be out in wilderness, and it is a risky place, and they did have weapons. This was due to a flash flood:

  3. Sure, is this the one you mean? From the Idaho Statesman:

    “Rollins, 21, of Terrebonne, Oregon, and Clark, 21, of Bozeman, Montana, were on a bear-hunting trip with four others in the Bitterroot wilderness. They were out in the middle of the night because they heard wolves and left camp to go hunt them, Rollins’ father told the Statesman, and that’s when their Suburban rolled into the river.”

    Read more here:

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