Exposing the Big Game

Forget Hunters' Feeble Rationalizations and Trust Your Gut Feelings: Making Sport of Killing Is Not Healthy Human Behavior

Exposing the Big Game


Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

An animal encounter turned deadly earlier this week when lions devoured three poachers who broke into a game reserve to hunt rhinos. The lions left only the men’s shoes, hunting equipment, a skull and a bit of a pelvis, but the reserve’s owner said they wouldn’t be killed.

While not common, animals will attack humans to protect themselves or their young and guard their territory. In a study of animal attacks on humans between 1955 and 2014, half were the result of the human victim’s ill-advised behavior.

“Half of the attacks could have probably been avoided if people had done some pretty simple things,” study contributor and University of Calgary researcher Stephen Herrero told the Huffington Post.

Investigators don’t know the reason for the lion attack, but the grisly aftermath confirms what wildlife experts often repeat: keep your distance from wild animals.

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  1. Well, it looks like the lions themselves are incentivizing conservation by discouraging poaching.

    And the poachers are not always ‘the poor’, but terrorists and the money from poaching funds that.

  2. “The darker side to the slaughter of rhinos is the money trail from poaching activities. According to the Environmental Investigation Agency, an independent organization committed to protecting the natural world from environmental crime and abuse, the trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn is funding terrorism. For example, ‘Up to 40% of al-Shabaab’s (a Somalia based al Quaeda linked terrorist group) money comes from … buyers.’ Ultimately, it is the consumers of ivory and horn that are funding al Shabaab, helping them to purchase weapons and explosives which they use to carry out terrorist activities, such as last year’s attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.”


  3. You would think there would be more incentive to stop poaching, since profits go to support terrorism.

    I’m glad they decided not to kill the lions–how good of them.

    The guides tell hunters not to get too close to wild animals. Unfortunately, with high-powered weapons people don’t even have to put themselves at risk.

    A few years ago a high school girl and her family from here took a trip to Africa. They were on a boat when a crocodile managed to grab her and get away. The last she was ever seen!

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