Humane Society poll: Majority of Alaskans opposed to relegalizing bear baiting

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By Sam Friedman,

* Jul 8, 2018
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FAIRBANKS – According to a poll commissioned by a national animal rights
organization, a vast majority of Alaskans oppose the relegalization of bear
baiting and several other hunting practices that were banned in Alaska’s
National Preserves by the Obama administration.

The Humane Society of the United States commissioned Remington Research
Group to conduct a telephone survey of 1,004 Alaskans last month.
Respondents were asked five questions about relegalizing techniques on
National Preserves, including bear baiting, hunting hibernating bears and
shooting swimming caribou.

“Alaskans and the majority of Americans oppose the killing of brown bears,
black bears, wolves and other species using unthinkably inhumane and
unsporting practices on National Preserves in Alaska,” stated Nicole
Paquette, vice president of the Humane Society, in a written statement.
“Overturning the National Park Service’s 2015 rule is simply and purely
motivated by trophy-hunting special-

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1 thought on “Humane Society poll: Majority of Alaskans opposed to relegalizing bear baiting

  1. In a variety of polls the general public has been against bear (black and grizzly) hunting, wolf hunting, coyote killing contests, etc. But the public doesn’t make the decisions. They are made by a terrible trio: Hunters and their organizations, weapon manufacturers, and outfitters, and; legislators who get donations from the former; and bureaucrats whose departments get big money from hunting licenses.

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