Ban fur farming in Ireland

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“We’ve drafted a bill to ban fur farming in Ireland”

Irish Council Against Blood Sports ICABS
Ireland, Ireland

JUL 12, 2018 — “We’ve drafted a bill to ban fur farming in Ireland”: Congratulations to Solidarity TDs Ruth Coppinger and Paul Murphy on their announcement today (12 July 2018). Solidarity has revealed that it will have a “Ban Fur Farming” bill ready to present to the Dail after the parliamentary summer recess.In a video posted online this afternoon, Ruth Coppinger TD stated: “We believe this is something that’s really important for the welfare of animals. Mink are what are farmed in Ireland and these are actually meant to be wild, untamed animals – not put in confined spaces, certainly not farmed. They suffer from this practice enormously. We want to send a message globally that Ireland shouldn’t be a laggard in terms of animal rights and animal welfare as it…

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