Trump’s Pork Rule: Pig Welfare Could Be Trumped by Greed and Global Demand

Armory of the Revolution


So now the New Slaughter Inspection System, otherwise known as Trump’s Pork Rule, could become reality. Being spun as modernization, the new rule would privatize the job of USDA inspectors and allow the responsibilities to fall on untrained slaughter plant workers. Approximately 140 professional inspector jobs would be eliminated.

The time for comments at is over, and the decision on allowing the rule is pending.

Whistleblowers working within the system warn of dire consequences of the faster slaughter line rule:  Fewer inspections, more stressful working conditions, and “gross things,” including salmonella bacteria and hair, ending up in consumers’ food. But the worst consequences will fall, not surprisingly, on the innocent pigs.

Trump’s Rule removes any maximum upward limits on slaughter speed. Currently, 1100 pigs per hour are murdered, but the new speed could approach as high as 1500 animals and will increase suffering to more than 100 million pigs …

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Pork Rule: Pig Welfare Could Be Trumped by Greed and Global Demand

  1. A complaint often made is that people don’t show up, there aren’t enough trained workers doing the slaughter and animals suffer even more — that’s happening now. What will happen when they’re pressed even more. We need to educate them to stop with all this animal abuse by eating meat.

  2. Unacceptable. No government oversight will not be good for food safety, health and of course, the poor animals themselves. Feeding our future multitudes really is a nightmarish prospect for the future. 😦

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