Great White Shark Steals Fisherman’s Catch Off Cape Cod [WATCH]

Great White Shark Steals Fisherman's Catch Off Cape Cod [WATCH]

HARWICH, MA – Another thieving great white shark snatched a fisherman’s catch off the coast of Cape Cod Monday, just as he was about to bring the fish aboard the boat. In a video posted to the Magellan Deep Sea Fishing Charters Facebook page, the shark is seen grabbing the striped bass as others on the boat urge the man to hurry up and reel the fish in.

“We had a visitor on yesterday’s trip,” the company wrote on Facebook. “A 12-foot great white shark grabbed a striper – well, most of it – off the line.”

The theft happened near the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Vineyard Sound. Atlantic White Shark Conservancy President Cynthia Wigren confirmed to the Boston Globe that the shark in the video was a great white.

Watch the video below (warning: contains strong language):

Photo Credit: SeaTops / imageBROKER/Shutterstock

6 thoughts on “Great White Shark Steals Fisherman’s Catch Off Cape Cod [WATCH]

  1. Healthy populatiins of great white sharks in the waters off Cape Cod is good news for the health of the oceans off Massachusetts. The Marine Mammal Protection Act has worked wonderfully to restore seal and dolphin populations. With the seals return in great numbers to Massachusetts waters, great white sharks soon followed. To a great white, a seal is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sharks are totally awesome beings. 400,000,000 years on this planet! It is fantastic they are doing well here. If you swim on a Cape Cod beach, on Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, you are in their domain. Enjoy your swim!

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