Soy boom devours Brazil’s tropical savanna

The Extinction Chronicles

>..propelled largely by Chinese demand for Brazilian meat and grain. The Asian nation is Brazil’s No. 1 buyer of soybeans to fatten its own hogs and chickens. China is also a major purchaser of Brazilian pork, beef and poultry to satisfy the tastes of its increasingly affluent consumers.<

BUMPER CROP: Brazil’s farmers have plowed under more than half of the Cerrado, South America’s largest savanna. The nation is the world’s largest exporter of beef and soybeans. The cost is greenhouse gas emissions, vanishing wildlife and weakened watersheds. REUTERS/Pablo Garcia

Soy boom devours Brazil’s tropical savanna


Industrial farming in South America’s largest savanna has turned Brazil into an agricultural powerhouse. And it has lured producers away from the Amazon rainforest. But destruction of the so-called Cerrado biome is hastening global warming, damaging watersheds and putting wildlife at risk.


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