China could scrap two-child policy, ending nearly 40 years of limits

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Draft of civil code being discussed this week contains no references to ‘family planning’

a group wedding held at the Happy Valley amusement park in Shanghai, China
 A group wedding in Shanghai, China. These couples may have a future free of family planning restrictions. Photograph: Imaginechina/REX/Shutterstock

China is mulling scrapping its controversial birth restrictions, reversing nearly four decades of family planning policies as birth rates fall.

Chinese couples are limited to two children at present, after rules were relaxed from the infamous one-child policy that was in force from 1979 to 2016. Now officials are poised to enact a wide-ranging civil code that would end a policy that has been enforced through fines but was also notorious for cases of forced abortions and sterilisation in the world’s most populous country.

The Procuratorate Daily, a newspaper affiliated with the country’s prosecutor’s office, said the draft code omitted any reference to “family planning” – the current policy…

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9 thoughts on “China could scrap two-child policy, ending nearly 40 years of limits

  1. A shame that policy was necessary

    From: Exposing the Big Game Reply-To: Exposing the Big Game Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 12:20 AM To: louise kane Subject: [New post] China could scrap two-child policy, ending nearly 40 years of limits

    Exposing the Big Game posted: ” “

  2. The human species is insane: Planet Earth is dying, and human population is hurtling shortly to 8 BILLION, which will then very, very quickly speed on to 9, 10 BILLION. About 1 Billion already are experiencing STARVATION, while millions more are malnourished, with chronic hunger. Fresh water is growing more scarce every year. Wars are breaking out around the planet….with the U.S. involved in wars in 76 countries, with its CIA involved in creating chaos. ‘
    This species is INSANE: think about the hullabaloo about “aging populations,” which results in an insane policy of creating more babies, to somehow keep the population “young.” What?? Humans seems to be in denial that when we have big, growing populations, we will always have more humans growing older–babies don’t stay babies.
    Planet Earth is overburdened with us humans. Her oceans are dying, her atmosphere is dying, her forests are dying, wars are everywhere, her soils are depleted, her climate is warming, out of control, her non-human lives are suffering and going extinct.
    But, Humans still want to have babies? We are Eating the Planet.

  3. China doesn’t have enough arable land to feed her masses – hence, South America and other countries.

    The only good thing is that modern women now know they don’t have to have a life saddled with raising too many children, and may just say no!

      • You can just see this coming – more lands taken for cattle all over the world. Those poor ranchers out in WA ‘just barely staying afloat’. *eyeroll*

        Western wedding, Western taste for meat and dairy, the West has been and is a bad influence.

  4. Oh and I should add – I hope these new additions will give up their taste for elephant ivory, otherwise it’s bye-bye elephants. And before I am mest with accusations of ‘Racist!’ – it’s the governmental policies I take issue with, not individual people. But that said, I consider myself a misanthropist, disliking every group equally, but especially my own race.

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