Letter: Grizzly Bears no less than Individuals

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The most remarkable thing about Judge Christensen’s August 30th order (“Judge blocks first grizzly hunts in decades”) was that he acknowledged “The threat of death to individual bears…” Wildlife issues are notorious for bringing out the “population management’ banter in all but the most avid animal advocate. Perhaps through these noble bears we can finally address an animal issue with something other than depersonalization and disinformation…

Over the hundreds of hours I’ve spent photographing grizzly bears I never thought of them as anything less than individuals with their own thoughts, concerns and will to live. Anyone out objectifying them as a trophies is using twisted thinking and doesn’t deserve a say in their future.

No one can honestly say that they have an unmitigable hankering for grizzly bear meat. Clearly it would be nothing more than a trophy hunt. As the world-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall recently put it: If a 

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2 thoughts on “Letter: Grizzly Bears no less than Individuals

  1. https://townhall.com/notebook/bethbaumann/2018/09/02/judge-halts-the-first-grizzly-bear-hunt-in-decades-just-mere-hours-before-the-sea-n2515211

    Where’s my violin. These headlines are ridiculous; Wyoming forged on ahead and made the Sept. 1 date months ago, and of course attorneys would have planned for an injunction or restraining order months ago, not at the last minute, no scrambling. It’s the states’ fault for stubbornly going ahead with it – when anybody would know that the opposition would try to block them.

    The judge even spoke of not wanting to have to by injunction at the last hearing:

    ““There’s only one of me and an army of you,” Christensen said to the roomful of attorneys. Pushing the deadlines closer to a potential hunting season would invite last-minute requests for restraining orders and injunctions.”


  2. This is an interesting article too, from a local station. Talk about the endless ability to rationalize – baiting bears for this proposed hunt is illegal, but the bear hunt would coincide with elk season – so waiting near an elk carcass for a bear to show up isn’t illegal. Baiting by any other name is still baiting!

    That March article from the judge I hold dear to my heart. And there are only an estimated 700 grizzly bears in and around the national parks. Hunting should be entirely off limits at the national parks.


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