Commentary: Will the latest swine flu outbreak finally prompt you to go vegan?

The Extinction Chronicles

It’s been almost a decade since swine flu first dominated the national news, causing people to panic after a pandemic that started in Mexico spread to the U.S. in 2009 and resulted in more than 274,300 hospitalizations and 12,400 deaths. (The global death toll may have been as high as 575,400.)

But just because swine flu hasn’t been making headlines as often as it once did —now only popping up when there’s a regional outbreak or when kids get sick after visiting a petting zoo —that doesn’t mean the disease has gone away or is any less of a threat.

Case in point: Swine flu recently sickened around 120 people from at least 25 states who attended a national letter carriers’ convention in Grand Rapids, Mich. Health officials say it was the same H1N1 strain that emerged in 2009…

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