Outfitter charged with unsafe bear baiting near Fort McMurray

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A black bear stands at the side of Highway 881 near Conklin, Alta., on Tuesday May 10, 2016. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

Ronald Beaver wants Albertans to know why they should take seriously recent charges against an outfitter who operated in the Fort McMurray area — the practice puts others at risk.

“Once a bear comes to a bait site and is used to the area,” said Beaver, a local hunter and member of the Treaty 8 Trappers Association, “it will be protective of that area and if somebody comes close, the bear will probably charge and attack.”

Alberta-based Bear Bonez Outfitters and its owner face numerous charges including meat wastage, hunting without carrying the necessary permits and failing to post proper signs warning about the use of black bear bait.


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2 thoughts on “Outfitter charged with unsafe bear baiting near Fort McMurray

  1. Great! I’m glad the connection is finally being made – that baiting bears isn’t any different than people feeding bears, and creates a danger of habituation to people, and just plain unsanitary.

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