Six nuclear power plants are in Hurricane Florence’s path, officials say

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(CNN)Federal officials expressed confidence the six nuclear power plants in Hurricane Florence‘s path are safe, but some experts aren’t so sure, warning that flooding and torrential rains could overwhelm their defenses.

The six nuclear power plants in North and South Carolina sit directly in the storm’s projected path, according to Mary Catherine Green, spokeswoman for Duke Energy, which owns all six.
Duke’s Brunswick Nuclear Plant and its Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant near Raleigh, both in North Carolina, are the closest to where the hurricane is forecast to make landfall, Green said.
In a press briefing, Jeff Byard, associate administrator for the FEMA Office of Response and Recovery, said the…

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1 thought on “Six nuclear power plants are in Hurricane Florence’s path, officials say

  1. You know, you can tell people not to build these things, especially in the path of danger, but they do not listen. Nothing can go wrong, everything can be foreseen and planned for. Well guess what. That isn’t the truth. My mind was absolutely boggled yesterday by the gas line explosions near where I live, 70!

    Just imagine drilling for oil and setting up offshore oil rigs in these areas also – even offshore wind.

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