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Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently approved extending hunting and trapping seasons for wolves in many units, which will take place this year, but are not reflected in the 2017-18 Big Game Seasons and Rules booklet.

Wolves can be hunted throughout the year on private land in the Panhandle and between Aug. 1 and March 31 on non-private lands.

Rule changes include opening the trapping season between Nov. 15 and March 31 in Unit 2 north of Highway 53, opening the trapping season in Unit 4A from Oct. 10 to Nov. 14 south and west of Derr Creek drainage, opening an area north of Forest Highway 9 in the North Fork Coeur d’Alene’s Unit 4 to foothold traps, and opening parts of Unit 6, the Slate Creek drainage north of the St. Joe River and east of and including the Marble Creek drainage on the south side…

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  1. This has been escalating every year since delisting, which everyone knew it would. Let’s just hope that grizzlies are spared this kind of fate. I think the stunts they pulled with Congress to circumvent the legal process can only work once, without strong opposition.

  2. Is it legal to make a ‘running change’ like this, after the season has started? I know it is Idaho, where anything goes, but I hope it is challenged. I hope people have learned to never, never hand over care of wildlife to these barbaric states. This is what you get.

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