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Like a lot of folks, I was saddened…maddened…sickened really, to read that Cinder, the young, “mellow, calm bear” survived the Carlton Complex fire and months of painful rehabilitation only to be killed by a sport hunter. And this just a few short years after her release back to the wild, before she had even a chance to raise cubs of her own.

The December 12th Methow Valley News article, “Cinder the bear, fire survivor and worldwide inspiration, is dead,” goes to great length’s to convince us that no laws were broken in the murder of the collared animal, but has no take on whether animals like bears—each with “…their own personality”—should be hunted down and killed, be it for sport or sausage.

People are quick to point out how far we’ve come technologically or morally, but the recreational killing of our fellow sentient beings should have long since been…

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  1. It does go to show that the thing to be most feared on earth is a human. I hate that ‘no laws were broken’ excuse. I picture a child explaining his bad behavior to a parent, whining – ‘I didn’t do anything wrong, it was legal! Everybody else does it!’ Our mothers used to say ‘if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?’ (if only in this case). lol

    I also don’t know if it is true. This wasn’t in Alaska where animals can be killed in their dens; I’m not even sure if it is law yet there? And, tampering with government equipment surely must be illegal – a collar is supposed to be turned in.

    As I say – whoever did this thankfully is mortal too, and I do hope karma catches up with him in the appropriate manner. 🙂

  2. 🙂 Thanks! I don’t think we have progressed morally at all – maybe regressed, because it’s all about the individual being able to do just about anything they want nowadays, without restriction or responsibility – and don’t dare shame or guilt-trip them! Another one I love is ‘Don’t be holier than thou. My morality is different than your morality’. lol

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