No, Yukon does not have a ‘grizzly bear plague,’ experts say

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Wildlife experts who have studied bear attacks in Yukon say TV host Jim Shockey is wrong

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A grizzly bear in Yukon. Wildlife experts say there is no evidence of an overpopulation of grizzlies in Yukon.(Environment Yukon)


In the wake of a mother and her baby’s death in a bear mauling in Yukon last month, people have been sounding off online about a “plague” of grizzly bears in the territory — but biologists say that’s not true.

Valérie Théorêt and her 10-month-old daughter Adele were attacked and killed by a grizzly bearin late November at their remote trapping cabin at Einarson Lake near the N.W.T. border. The story of their deaths attracted international attention, making headlines around the world.

Théorêt’s partner and Adele’s father, Gjermund Roesholt, found their bodies after he shot the bear. The animal charged him as he returned from a day checking his​ trapline.

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5 thoughts on “No, Yukon does not have a ‘grizzly bear plague,’ experts say

  1. Again, living in a remote area with wildlife is the choice this man made. The arrogance of expecting to go into an area and remove it of all other life (except of course for what he and others are hunting/trapping is unbelievable. What may have drawn the bear to them was the trapping skins and carcasses?

    The wildlife there have no choice, and less and less choice as time goes on. I read the account of the usual ‘care more about the bears than the people’. With 8 billion people on the planet and 10-11 billion projected for 2050, and wiping out animals to accommodate people more and more, I’d say that’s a very narrow, self-serving, and unrealistic view.. 😦

  2. I always have to ironically roll my eyes when I hear – ‘animals are subject to the laws of nature’. All except humans, I guess, because when humans are, they don’t like or accept it.

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