Manitoba trapper sorry after cougar caught in snare

Gerry Sherman found the endangered animal in a snare near Gilbert Plains, Man. last week

The cougar was pulled from the trap sometime between Dec. 28 and Dec. 31. (Supplied)

A Manitoba trapper is sorry a rare and protected animal species was caught in one of his snares.

Gerry Sherman went out last week to check his snares in Duck Mountain Provincial Forest near Gilbert Plains, Man., and at first thought he snagged a wolf. But when he got closer, he realized it was something else — a cougar, a rare species that used to live in Manitoba but was driven out of the province.

“I wondered what I was supposed to do because I knew it was a [protected] species,” Sherman told CBC. “The proper thing that I came up with was take it out of the snare and take it home and once I got home I called Manitoba Conservation.”

Sherman is a registered trapper and uses the provincial forest, which borders Duck Mountain Provincial Park, with permission.

He said a pair of Manitoba Conservation officers came and picked up the animal on New Year’s Day and were very understanding about the whole ordeal.

“I am really sorry that it happened,” Sherman added. “Nobody likes to catch endangered species.”

“I am really sorry that it happened” – Gerry Sherman 

Bill Watkins is a wildlife biologist with the province. He confirmed the wild cat was caught sometime between December 28th and 31st.

“It’s what we refer to as bycatch,” he said. “There’s no way that a trapper could control the animals that wander into the trap. It was set for wolves so everything is completely legitimate.”

Watkins said that while the find was concerning, it could be a sign that the cougar population is recolonizing Manitoba. The animals were very rare in the province up until about six years ago.

Now, there are two to three sightings per year. A sign, according to Watkins, that they could be repopulating. The latest estimates pegged the population in Manitoba at fewer than 50.

Sherman said it’s the first time he’s heard of a cougar being caught in the Duck Mountains. He believes the animal will be stuffed and put on display at the Duck Mountain Interpretive Centre near Minitonas, Man., once it’s been inspected by a biologist.

“It’s a magnificent animal,” he said. “Anyone destroying these animals at will should be punished. On an accidental catch like this there is really nothing anyone can do.”

Not the first time

It’s the second time in just months that a cougar has been accidentally caught in Manitoba.

A female cougar was caught and killed near Boissevain, Man., on Nov. 21.

Watkins, at the time, said it is possible that the animal wandered up from North or South Dakota.

20 thoughts on “Manitoba trapper sorry after cougar caught in snare

  1. It is shocking that in the USA they still a local or traps at all they are barbaric cruel torture devices nobody should do anything to another living animal that they would not like done to themselves. for a Christian country that is supposed to be following the Teachings of Christ do unto others as you would have others do unto you is not reserved just for people that Jesus Christ took compassion and humanity to all living beings we are supposed to be the custodians of animals and this is animal abuse of the worst kind he’s only sorry because the animal is endangered and it’s illegal to kill them the fact that he was wanting to intend to do this two wolves who are Man best friend in their wildest form they are dogs which we have domesticated and should be respected as well it’s disgraceful that America allows idiots like this to go around destroying other living beings who are entitled to their lives they’re not been killed for sustenance which is the only excusable reason for hunting and killing an animal unless it is a serious man eater.

  2. God forbid they would stop trapping as the animal conservation officer himself stated there is no way to control what’s caught What a miserable disgusting horrific activity trapping is How can this be legal in 2018 with wildlife populations facing habitat loss e crouching humans technology that makes it easy to kill The decks are stacked against wil animals every way Shameful

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  3. It’s terrible that you cought this poor animal, and even terrible that you also ketch wovles. Leave the wolves alone and learn to live with nature, before we have nothing!!!!!! 🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Little will occur until a politician with courage initiates an amendent to the applicable law(s) which will cause a ‘meaningful’ deterrant rather than a token slap on the wrist to give the impression they are serious when in essence except for politics they could care less .. disgraceful!

      On Mon, Dec 31, 2018 at 12:26 Exposing the Big Game wrote:

      > Marie Benard commented: “Trapping is cruel. Shame on this man for killing > An endangered species. He should get a big fine And jail time.” >

  4. Actually, there IS a way to control what gets caught in your traps, Gerry Sherman – You could just stop causing misery and pain to animals by NOT trapping them. See how well
    that works?

  5. This is a heinous and despicable action to slaughter animals. It is indescriminate killing of wildlife. Disgusting humans🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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