Dog’s Death Caused By A Trap Could Lead To Change In New Mexico

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

  JAN 8, 2019

Commentary: ESPAÑOLA, NM — On November 25, 2018, a dog strangled to death in a trap on public land.

The incident happened at Santa Cruz Lake, a Bureau of Land Management recreation area in northern New Mexico. The dog, Roxy, was the cherished companion of Dave Clark and his wife Kathrina of Española. Mr. Clark and Roxy were finishing their hike and returning to his vehicle when he heard Roxy, behind him, make a strange sound. When he turned to see why, he saw that she was struggling in a neck snare trap.

Mr. Clark was unable to loosen the snare before Roxy strangled to death in the trap. Trapping is not allowed in this Recreation area and the snare had no trapper identification as required by law. But there are millions of…

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