OK weekend hunting news:  

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In trying to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Okla., Okla. state wildlife officials
Are proposing some regulations that would prohibit out-of-state hunters from bringing in whole
Carcasses of deer, elk or moose into Okla.
Another proposed regulation would give the director of the Okla. Wildlife Dept. the power to implement
Steps to try to prevent the spread of CWD if it is ever found in Okla.
CWD is a fatal, neurological disease that occurs in North American cervids (members of the deer
Family). It was discovered in 1967 and has spread to 26 states and two Canadian provinces.
It is transmitted freely among deer and elk and there is no known cure. It is also transmitted directly
Thru animal-to-animal contact and indirectly thru contact with objects (including carcasses) or environment
Contaminated with this infection. It is not known to infect livestock or humans. It attacks the…

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