NY: Upstate NY man pleads guilty to homicide charge in deer-hunting fatality case

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A white-tailed deer.

A white-tailed deer.


A Tioga County man pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide earlier this week in County Court for shooting his neighbor in a deer-hunting incident in December.

Dean A. Brockoff, 54, of Lockwood, pleaded guilty in Tioga County Court to the Class E felony before Judge Gerald Keene on Monday evening. He admitted that on Dec 9 he was hunting at 7 a.m. before legal sunrise and fired a shot at some movement without identifying his target. He fired his Winchester bolt-action, 30.06 rifle, hitting David Barden, 73, in the torso, according to District Attorney Kirk Martin, who prosecuted the case.


Barden was taken to Gutherie Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pa., where he later died,

The incident took place on private property off Miller Road in Lockwood. According to state deer hunting regulations, hunters are not…

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