Straight talking about ‘welfare regulations’

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Image by Aitor Garmendia / Tras los Muros

It’s common to read on social media that because the writer of a comment claims to support ‘better welfare regulations’, they assert that whether or not they are vegan, they are doing something to help our victims that those of us who promote unequivocal animal rights education are failing to do. It’s even said that if we must promote rights and veganism – frequently mocked as an idealistic and hopeless aim –  we should be promoting ‘better welfare regulations’ at the same time.  It’s presented as a ‘belt and braces’ approach and at face value that sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? However, over time, I’ve acquired a different perspective.

First of all, it’s vital to understand the concept of ‘welfare regulations’ in the context of our non-human victims. Welfare is a seductive word that has increasingly mimicked the language of care and respect…

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1 thought on “Straight talking about ‘welfare regulations’

  1. The photos of these poor animals is always heartwrenching. 😦

    And the fact that most people don’t care is even worse.

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