US Is Already Transforming Greenland, And It’s Going to Affect The Whole World

The Extinction Chronicles

main article image
Greenland melt map on 31 July 2019. (NSIDC Labs)

America under President Trump might not own Greenland (yet), but decisions made by his administration will help determine the ice-covered island’s long-term fate and ours.

US emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as emissions from other countries, have tipped the balance to make Greenland a major contributor to global sea-level rise.

It’s no secret that the Greenland ice sheet is in trouble. This melt season, which is wrapping up, has brought the most significant ice loss, and related sea-level increase, since the record melt year of 2012.

Much of the ice melted in a one-week period when the island was in the throes of a heat wave that had moved in from Europe.

According to Ted Scambos, a senior research scientist at the University of Colorado, this year Greenland…

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