Exposing the Big Game

Forget Hunters' Feeble Rationalizations and Trust Your Gut Feelings: Making Sport of Killing Is Not Healthy Human Behavior

Exposing the Big Game

Trump only world leader not seen at G-7 meeting on climate

President Trump’s pick for leading a climate change panel is notorious for denying the science behind human-caused global warming. We dive into the counter-arguments on climate change

.USA TODAY, Just the FAQs

BIARRITZ, France – President Donald Trump skipped a G-7 session focused on climate and biodiversity that was attended by other world leaders Monday.

When U.S. reporters were ushered into the working session on climate, biodiversity and oceans taking place at the G-7 they saw an empty chair where Trump usually sits. The rest of the G-7 leaders were present.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the president had other scheduled meetings “so a senior member of the administration attended in his stead.”

Trump has reportedly told aides that the meeting of world leaders has focused too intensely on climate and other environmental issues. White House officials have said the president wants the meeting to deal more with economic issues, and Trump pushed for and secured a session on Saturday focused on the global economy.

More: Behind-the-scenes discord rattles G-7 summit despite Donald Trump’s claim that all is well

Trump has been at odds with other members of the G-7 specifically on climate after he announced in 2017 that the U.S. would formally withdraw from the Paris climate agreement. Then candidate Trump promised to withdraw the U.S. from the accord.

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