Mountain lion known for crossing 405 killed on the same Los Angeles freeway

The mountain lion, known as P-61 to researchers, was struck and killed on the 405 freeway.

(CNN)A mountain lion known for crossing the Los Angeles 405 freeway was struck and killed by a vehicle early Saturday morning, according to National Park Service (NPS) Ranger Ana Beatriz.

The mountain lion known as P-61 lived in the Santa Monica mountains near the Sepulveda Pass, Beatriz said in a statement. He wore a radio collar around his neck so researchers could track his movements.
The 405 freeway through the Sepulveda pass

The 4-year-old cat’s final GPS point showed him between Bel Air Crest Road and the Sepulveda Boulevard underpass.
City of Los Angeles Animal Control officer retrieved his body, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area said on Facebook.
It appears he was trying to cross the 405 freeway, Beatriz said.
Just months ago, he had successfully crossed that same freeway, the first time a GPS-collared mountain lion had done so over the course of the NPS’s 17-year study of mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains, Beatriz said.

5 thoughts on “Mountain lion known for crossing 405 killed on the same Los Angeles freeway

  1. Poor baby – people have turned this world into a mess. This is why the above article about too late for climate change rings true. I don’t think anyone truly takes it seriously.

    I listened to a few minutes of Kamala Harris assuring people the other day that we can have a healthy economy and a healthy environment, and I had to turn the channel. Not going to happen with overpopulation.

    Imagine my horror today – I took a walk at a place I usually go, but haven’t had a chance this summer. There is 14 acres of land, I think it was farmland, with a real estate “For Sale” sign that said “Golf Course Frontage”! Why do we need another frigging golf course in this country?We in my neck of the woods already have one not more than a few miles away.

    I know this real estate agency is being very optimistic and trying to sell – but I hope they are in for the fight of their life because it is in wetlands.

  2. Everywhere I go lately it seems that lots and open fields and forested land are being bulldozed and sold for homes, strip malls etc., not making any money just sitting there I guess, and I worry terribly for the wildlife living there. 😦

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