There Is One Safe Geoengineering Option Guaranteed to Reduce CO2 in Our Atmosphere

The Extinction Chronicles

main article image
(Łukasz Łada/Unsplash)
19 SEP 2019

As it looks increasingly unlikely we’re going to meet our climate mitigation targets, scientists have been investigating more and more extreme solutions, such as geoengineering.

Examples include spraying huge amounts of sunlight-reflecting particles into the atmosphere, or dumping trillions of tons of fake snow onto glaciers to stabilise them. These ideas are untested, incredibly risky, and could end up causing more damage in unexpected ways.

But what if there’s a way we can alter our current environment to mitigate climate change that is already safe and proven? Well… there is.

Restoring forestsmarshespeatlandsseaweed and other ecosystems has a massive potential to take back some of that carbon dioxide we’ve spewed into our precious atmosphere.

In 2017, a PNAS study estimated that natural carbon solutions (essentially ecosystem regeneration) have the potential to provide up to…

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