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Exposing the Big Game

Madison County third worst for deer accidents

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SPRINGFIELD — State officials are asking drivers to be extra vigilant while driving in rural areas as deer become more active in the coming months.

Last year Madison County had the third most deer-related accidents in the state at 377. That was surpassed only by Peoria County with 391 and Cook County with 471.

There were more than 15,000 accidents involving vehicles and deer in Illinois last year, resulting in 630 injuries and eight deaths. More than 40% of Illinois crashes involving deer occurred in October, November and December. Most collisions happen in rural areas, which account for nearly 90% of all crashes involving deer.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois State Police said deer are more active and less attentive during mating season and hunting season. IDNR spokeswoman Rachel Torbert said drivers should pay attention to the sides of the road.

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