Helping NYS birds

To friends of wildlife – speak up to help the birds in NYS!


USDA/Wildlife Services is introducing plans to address perceived “problems” here in New York State.  These plans include lethal and non-lethal strategies.  Consider telling them that their lethal strategies, including poisons, are unacceptable.  It is easy and quick to leave a comment – there are only a few days left to comment – comments are due by November 8.

New York is considering “wildlife damage management” against native birds including owls, kestrels, egrets, herons, plovers, hawks, woodpeckers, osprey, and many many more.

Here is the link to leave a comment:    (copy/paste this link to go to the comment page)

In the comments section, you can simply say you oppose killing birds, or you can mention the decline in birds and their habitats and why such plans are inhumane and detrimental.

Please share this message and the link with family and friends – thank you!

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