About the words we use: ‘waste’

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The concept of ownership of members of nonhuman species and every single one of the uses we make of them, stems from the ugly prejudice known as speciesism, a prejudice with which almost every one of us is indoctrinated from birth.  Even once shrug it off and decide to become vegan, we can each find little pockets of undetected speciesism lurking in our minds, and for me as for many others, recognising and eliminating these lingering remnants is an ongoing challenge. The key requirement is a deep and sincere desire to embrace the values that are important to us. In rooting out any remains of our own speciesism, the words we use in unguarded moments can teach us so much about our subconscious attitudes to nonhuman use and animal rights. We need only to listen to ourselves.

I’ve previously written at length about the notion of ‘waste‘…

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1 thought on “About the words we use: ‘waste’

  1. It really is no different than racism, to me and many others. There was a time when we treated members of our own kind with no respect, and it’s the same with animals. Sometimes when I stand back and look at it, it is almost overwhelming how many people feel that they are more important than any other life form – to brutalize, experiment on, own, and on and on.

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