Adam Crook, accused of beating his dog to death, claimed he was euthanizing the animal

Adam Crook

Adam Crook is accused of killing his dog in Melrose Friday night. (Melrose Police)

The 44-year-old Melrose man accused of beating his dog to death with a rock claimed he was euthanizing the animal.

Adam Crook was arraigned Tuesday in Malden District Court on a charge of cruelty to an animal in connection with the killing of his dog, authorities said.

“In this case, the defendant allegedly struck his dog, Derby, multiple times in his backyard,” Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said. “After being certain the dog was deceased the defendant allegedly buried it behind his home.”

According to a police report reviewed by the Boston Herald, Crook claimed his dog was 17 years old and he had discussed euthanizing the animal with a friend who is a veterinarian.

Crook told police he decided to kill the dog Friday while his son was away, the Herald reports. Crook put Tylenol PM in the dog’s food.

The newspaper cited a police report that said Crook wanted to make sure the dog was dead, so he grabbed a rock and struck the dog in the head several times.

Crook showed police where the dog was buried, the Herald reports.

Police said Crook dragged his dog from his home into the backyard Friday night and struck the dog in the head with a large rock several times.

“The defendant then allegedly retrieved a shovel from his home and subsequently buried the dog,” the district attorney’s office said.

On Sunday, police executed a search warrant at Crook’s home and located the dead dog and other evidence. The dog’s body was taken to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University by the Law Enforcement Liaison for the Animal Rescue League Alan Borgal.

“The defendant’s alleged actions are truly disturbing,” Melrose Police Chief Michael Lyle said. “This arrest would not have been possible without the close collaboration among our officers and our partners with the Animal Rescue League and federal law enforcement.”

The Herald reports a home health care aide saw Crook strike the animal. Crook hog-tied the dog outside his home, the newspaper reports.

1 thought on “Adam Crook, accused of beating his dog to death, claimed he was euthanizing the animal

  1. I wonder how this new animal cruelty felony law will affect this guy, or if he slipped by the skin of his teeth? He has a pretrial hearing set for January 14.

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